Thank you

We aim to provide grants that will make a tangible difference to the applicants. Here are a few of the thank you messages that we regularly get…

Goodness! I am not sure how to convey my gratitude towards you and your colleagues. I have been incredibly lucky to have had your support, in the past and now. It makes a genuine difference to the opportunities I have and, 22 years post qualifying, am more committed to Social Work than ever. 
Many thanks for granting the application. I am really grateful for the trustees’ support to my education and training.
Thank you so much for enabling me to continue my professional development in such a great therapeutic approach.
Thank you, that is wonderful news. Thank you for the support from the SWET it is much appreciated.
Thank you SWET. I am so thrilled and honoured for your support.
Thank you so very much! I will write to you with reflections on how I have used this funding! Thank you so much!!!!! I am delighted!!!!
This is fantastic news, thank you so much!
I am writing with a very belated ‘Thank You’ for the £500 grant [and…] to humbly to express my gratitude to you and your charity for making this possible. As I move through my career, I won’t forget opening a small white envelope from you in my porch, with a post it and a hand written note saying ‘Your cheque, as promised’. The funding you gave me has given me the chance to progress, to share my learning with others and to embrace lead practitioner roles. Moreover, knowing that there are strangers out there rooting for you, with faith that you can achieve your aims, has given me confidence and belief that I can help others in the way I set out to some 12 years ago, when I first qualified as a Social Worker. So, thank you to you, SWET. Things are tough currently, everyone is tired. I think we need to stop and reflect, and give thanks where it is owed. Without you I don’t think I would have achieved most of these goals. I hope that in some way my gratitude is repaid through my interventions to those that need them – after all, that’s what it’s all about!
Thank you so much! The grant is really appreciated and has a made a big difference. It has meant that it has been easier to find the course fees and concentrate on the work.
I would like to say thank you to the Trust for your support and funding for the first year of my course. Without the Trust’s support, I would have been worrying about covering the costs – instead I have been able to focus on the course. I have just completed the first two modules, in one module I got 81% and in the other module my first student’s placement went very well. The social work student was an asset to my team and I am so glad that your grant helped to make that happen!
I want to express my gratitude to the Trust for the grant I was awarded. I feel exceptionally lucky to have received these grants and it makes a significant difference to my family and I. I am entirely self funding my MSc so this allows me to buy books and train tickets, which usually has to be found from my part-time wage. My MSc research related to anxieties of workers who manage risk in relation to children with harmful sexual behaviour. Sounds so geeky but I’m very excited! I hope you can convey my gratitude to the Trust to for such generosity and expression of support. I feel very, very lucky.
The grants that the Social Work Educational Trust have provided to help me fund my professional doctorate in social work have significantly affected and impacted my practice. The course itself has encouraged me to think much more deeply about what we do and how we do it. I head up a team of 10, and the course has led me to consider supervision and practice in some depth. I have learnt about the politics of social work and this has led to stronger partnerships with service users. For example, the development of reflection within the service means we are able to engage families that have struggled with traditional approaches, and we have impacted on outcomes for those children. The grants have enabled me to build my professional knowledge and share and model this with the team. The constant reflexivity which this course encourages has had only a positive impact on the practice within my team, and enables families to develop their own solutions. In real terms the team is working with about 30 families at a time. In the two years of funding that SWET has provided, this is a significant number of children benefitting from support.
I write to inform you that I have successfully completed my masters programme and graduated in February. I would like to send a very grateful thank you to you and the panel for your financial support, as it was a key ingredient to my success.
I am writing to thank you for the kind donation of £500 toward my PG Certificate. Without the support from the Trust I would not be the practitioner I am today, and I am eternally grateful.