The Trust provides grants of up to £500 to individuals who undertake post-qualifying training to improve their knowledge and skills for social work practice, and grants of up to £1000 to teams for education and learning.

The Trust CANNOT assist with funding for students undertaking initial qualifying courses in social work. Enquiries for these can be addressed to the appropriate Social Care Council for your locality.

We aim to provide grants that will make a tangible difference to the applicants.

In addition, the Trust manages funds bequeathed or subscribed in memory of colleagues. These funds provide more substantial scholarships which are awarded annually through competition.

Grant making policy

The Trustees have agreed criteria for awarding grants as follows:

  • Grants must be for research, study, travel or other costs that will improve social work practice.
  • Grants are made where sufficient funding for a relevant course or project is not available from other sources.
  • Grants cannot be made for courses that will have been completed or conferences/events that have taken place before a Trustees’ meeting.
  • Applicants must be qualified and registered social workers, with at least two years post-qualifying experience in social work practice, working or intending to work in the UK. Unfortunately, we cannot award grants to students on initial qualifying courses in social work.
  • Guidance in more detail (PDF)

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