Frequently Asked Questions

How much information does SWET require?
The application forms are quite clear on what information we require. You must give as much relevant detail as you can and explain why the requested funding is relevant to your practice, and how it will enhance your practice. The lack of detail may delay a decision about funding.
I'm a social work student - can I apply for funding?
No, we can only support qualified and registered social workers who have completed at least two years of post-qualifying social work practice, working or intending to work in the UK. We cannot assist with funding for initial qualifying courses in social work. Enquiries for these can be addressed to the appropriate Social Care Council for your locality.
I'm a self-employed / agency social worker - can I apply for funding?
Yes! We welcome applications from all qualified and registered social workers – although please note that we cannot award funding that will be used for salary or consultancy fees that you would be paying to yourself.
Can SWET help fund registration fees?
No, we can only support qualified, registered social workers for educational purposes. We cannot fund applications for registration fees.
Will SWET fund statutory training?
If you are employed by a local authority, then we will not fund statutory training. If you are a self-employed or agency social worker then we will consider funding for statutory training.
Can I apply for more than £500?
We award grants three times a year of up to £500 (unless they are the Scholarships). We do not award a standard £500 to each successful applicant. Where the total sum needed is higher than that requested from the Trust, an indication of your ability to meet the balance of the fees/costs from other sources, including employers, MUST be given. Scholarships of £3000 are awarded once a year, usually in June.
Can I apply more than once for a grant?
You can apply for a grant as many times as you like, but you can only be awarded one £500 in any one financial year.
Can I apply for funding for a course that has already finished?
No, we cannot grant funding retrospectively. If the course/conference has finished then you cannot apply for funding.
Can I apply for funding for a course that I have already begun?
We will consider funding applications for courses that have just begun. However, it is unlikely that we will fund courses that are coming to an end.
I want funding to help with a research project - what do I need to consider?
We will need to see evidence in your application of ethical approval for any research project, as well as information about how a research supervisor is supporting you. If you need help with ethical approval, you could contact your local social work teaching partnership who can support social workers engaging in practitioner research. You can also contact a local university or use this decision tool to help you decide whether or not your study is research as defined by the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research.
Can I pay myself to do research?
We cannot award funding that will be used for salary or consultancy fees that you would be paying to yourself or your business associates.
Can I apply for funding to help with IT equipment?
No, we do not fund any IT equipment, except in exceptional circumstances. If you require specialist equipment for a diagnosed learning need, then funding should be sought from relevant sources. If specialist equipment is required as part of the course then we may consider this.
Can I apply for funding to help with mobile phone costs?
No, we do not fund mobile phone costs.
Can I apply for funding to help with travel expenses?
We will consider funding travelling costs, but you are expected to keep those costs as low as possible, and where possible use public transport.
Can I apply for funding for residential costs, such as a hotel?
We will consider funding necessary accommodation costs, but expect you to keep those costs as low as possible.
Can I apply for funding to help with books?
We expect you to use online resources where possible. If text books are a necessity, you must give us a clear explanation as to why they are required.
Are there any conditions that I need to meet after getting a grant or scholarship?
No, but we expect that successful applicants will inform the Trust on completion of their course/project and give some feedback of the benefits gained.
Do I need to pay the money back?
Our grants are not loans and do not have to be paid back.
When are your deadlines and how quickly will I get a decision on my application?
Grant applications are considered at each meeting of the Trustees (usually held in February, June and October). Scholarships applications are only considered at the June meeting. Our meeting dates are clearly listed on our website. Applications need to be with us at least 5 working days before the Trustees meetings. Decisions are made on the day of the meeting and will be communicated to you within a few days.
How will I know that my online application has been received?
Once you have completed your application, you will receive an acknowledgement email from us confirming that we have received your application, clarifying what you can expect from us and the timescales for decisions.
I recently applied for a grant but was unsuccessful. Can I reapply?
Yes, you can apply again. If an earlier application was unsuccessful, we ask that you consider the reason(s) why we were unable to support your application, as outlined in your decision email, before reapplying.
Can I appeal your decision?
We have a robust process for considering applications: Trustees review applications individually and then discuss them collectively and make an joint agreement about the decision. We obtain specialist advice when necessary. If your application is rejected our aim is to provide a concise but informative reason for the decision. We are happy to discuss how future applications can be improved but we are unable to change the decision. The Trustees will consider any complaint into the way we carry out our responsibilities.