SWET 50th Anniversary Grant – £5,000

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Social Workers’ Educational Trust (SWET) in 2022, we are pleased to announce a significant one-off grant of £5,000 to celebrate the occasion.

SWET recognises that social work is undergoing significant change, that the profession is faced with new challenges and opportunities and direct practice has been affected because of the pandemic. SWET’s anniversary grant is to assist social work practitioners with the development of an innovative and creative piece of research or practice development that will enhance both the profession and practice, addresses the challenging issues currently faced by social workers and, ultimately, impacts positively upon the experiences of service users.

This one-off grant, to be awarded in June 2022, is larger than our usual grants and reflects SWET’s ongoing commitment to the social work profession. SWET has received some applications that have been declined because of the lack of detail, but those applicants are invited to resubmit using the anniversary grant form.

Applications can be for either new or existing research or practice development projects.

Applications will be subjected to SWET’s normal processes and will be awarded at the discretion of the Trustees.

Applications need to be with us 5 working days before the February Trustees meeting: the cut-off date for applications is 12 noon on Wednesday 8th June.

Applications have now closed.