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50th Anniversary Grant - £5,000

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Social Workers’ Educational Trust (SWET) in 2022, we are pleased to announce a significant one-off grant of £5,000 to celebrate the occasion. This will be awarded in February 2022. It is larger than our usual grants and reflects SWET’s ongoing commitment to the social work profession.

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Important Notice!

Please ensure that you send in your funding applications by email to guarantee that we receive them for our next meeting.

The Social Workers’ Educational Trust aims to assist qualified social workers to develop their knowledge and skills, encourage research into social work practice and education, and educate the public in the nature of social work.

We provide grants of up to £500 to individuals and up to £1000 to assist team learning. The Trustees consider grant applications at three meetings each year (usually February, June and October). We also award three annual scholarships of £3,000 each. Applicants need to complete a simple application form if they wish to be considered for a grant or scholarship.

The Trust was established as an independent charity in 1972 on the initiative of the British Association of Social Workers. It is a registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (Registered Charity number 313789) and operates throughout England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. It remains independent of BASW, with its own Trustees.

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